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Ride blew turns Firsty caught me and we still smoked em

  • 1.7mi
  • 0ft
  • 8:45
    Moving Time
  • 70


  1. Frank S.
    Frank Spiteri

    This is the bike I've really been interested in reading a report on.

  2. Good F.
    Good F.

    Enough already. Just when I think I can't get any more jealous or depressed you post another ride on a dialed test bike.

  3. Lars R.
    Lars R.

    Nice shredding...... Thx for feeding the addiction.

  4. John  H.
    John Hauer

    No problem Lars, Firsty and I hacked it up down the hill and for some reason i still can't remember where to go when i get closer above the chute so im sure you'll destroy this in no time.. although i think Firsty is motivated now to lay one down!


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