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A proposal...

  • 17.9mi
  • 1,371ft
  • 1:20:56
    Moving Time
  • 749


  1. Emily  M.
    Emily McLanahan

    YES! I love you!

  2. Murphy M.
    Murphy M.

    YAY!! XOXO!

  3. Joe C.
    Joe Carpenter

    SUPERAWESOME! Congrats!!

  4. Meredith O.
    Meredith Obendorfer


  5. Brian R.
    Brian Rogers


  6. Stephanie M.
    Stephanie Majoulet


  7. I.P. A.
    I.P. A.

    Such nice and neat handwriting! Congratulations!

  8. Shred C.
    Shred C.

    Awwwww! Congrats!

  9. Chris P.
    Chris Phipps

    Congratulations and mega kudos!

  10. Sf V.
    Sf V.

    oh, wonderful!!! congratulations :)

  11. Mike 'Mr. Crash' S.
    Mike 'Mr. Crash' Solis

    Congrats! Very well done :)

  12. Dustin W.
    Dustin White

    Good On Ya!

  13. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Congratulations! Kudos to you both!

  14. Alberto M.
  15. Lina M.
    Lina Martensson


  16. Bradley H.
    Bradley Hughes

    Congrats dude!

  17. Caitlin T.
    Caitlin T.

    I wanted to marry Emily! Yay for both!!

  18. Tj P.
    Tj Penning


  19. Marion S.
    Marion Silies

    YAY!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  20. Sam B.
    Sam Bell

    I'm not sure you're committed. No KOM or anything.

  21. Davin P.
    Davin Pukulis

    Caitlin loses, Murphy wins! YAAAY! SuperHappy for you both!

  22. Ali R.
    Ali Raizin

    Amazing! Many congratulations!!!!

  23. Christine R.
    Christine R.


  24. Ellen R.
    Ellen R.

    Aaahhh you are both the best! Congrats!

  25. Joe B.
    Joe Bromley

    Amazing!!! Congratulations!!!

  26. Don C.
    Don C.

    It is only fair is Emily responds with her own Strava Ride messaged!
    Written on the streets.

  27. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    Congratulations! I hope to meet Emily too :) I think we did some pretty good route scouting.

  28. David B.
    David B.

    Congratulations! Fantastic proposal!

  29. Scott S.
    Scott Symon

    So rad!

  30. Drew K.
    Drew K.


  31. Ds L.
    Ds L.

    this is intensely awesome
    congrats to both of you

  32. James A.
    James Ashworth

    I don't even know you and this is awesome. Congrats to the both of you! :)

  33. Matt W.
    Matt W.


  34. Lorri Lee L.
  35. Rafael R.
    Rafael R.

    yay! congrats love birds!

  36. Nancy H.
    Nancy H.

    This is awesome!

  37. Benoît H.
    Benoît H.

    Congratulations! Excellent

  38. Michael T.
    Michael T.

    Amazing! Congrats.

  39. Jade C.
    Jade Cleveland

    This guy! Congratulations to you both.

  40. Simon B.
    Simon B.

    Well Done from Down Under... I like your work ... Congrats to both of you.. Kudos

  41. Llorenç C.
    Llorenç Cervantes

    Congratulations Pal!

  42. Courtney B.
    Courtney B.


  43. Ben H.
    Ben Holmes

    Awesome Congratulations you guys!!

  44. Ben H.
    Ben Holmes

    Awesome Congratulations you guys!!

  45. Joel B.
    Joel Bez

    Congrats guys!

  46. Martin P.
    Martin P.


  47. Mark B.
    Mark Breen


  48. Hoz T.
    Hoz T.

    This got 2b the first strava proposal. Well Done!!!

  49. James T.
    James Thorne


  50. Joe L.
    Joe Lambe

    The best usage of bret lobree's skills yet! Pure win.