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Run 11/01/2014 Bonaduz, GR, Switzerland (Running in the Mountains --> Vertical Challenge)

  • 20.2km
  • 999m
  • 1:30:17
    Moving Time
  • 4:29/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,018


  1. Joji M.
    Joji Mori

    wow, that is a very steep climb, well done christian. What is your upcoming goal?

  2. Fredi M.
    Fredi Marti

    Wow, die Pace bei den Höhenmetern... sauber gemacht. Wirst noch zur Berggeiss :-)

  3. Christian K.
    Christian K.

    Next up are the half marathon World Championships in Copenhagen (Danmark) end of March and in Summer hopefully the Euro Champs in Zurich with home crowd... You?
    @Fredi: Muss üben...

  4. Joji M.
    Joji Mori

    i'm really glad to hear you are focussed on world championships for you running career rather than mass fun runs. I'm racing the Lake Biwa Marathon in Japan in March, it's a marathon requiring a sub 2:30 marathon and i've qualified for that - so i'm not near your ability but this is a good event for someone of my standard. I like the way you train, to me it still looks to be high mileage and conservative with track work.

  5. Christian K.
    Christian K.

    I've heard about Lake Biwa. A Swiss marathoner also participates:
    Yes, currently lots of basic running. Building up - not tearing down... Main goal is only in summer.

  6. Joji M.
    Joji Mori

    oh yeah, patrick beat me by 30 seconds in my first marathon(I don't think he had a good race by his standards). I've not met him but know about him so will make sure i introduce myself to him. all the best!

  7. Christian K.
    Christian K.

    Yes, please do that, say hello from me and make him a Strava addict ;-) All the best!!!

  8. Adrian M.
    Adrian Marti

    Don't forget about the 14.4km at the Waffenlauf in Lenzburg. And the most imortant competition just one day before;-)

  9. Fredi M.
    Fredi Marti


  10. Adrian M.
    Adrian Marti

    aber fix:-)!

  11. Christian K.
    Christian K.

    Kept secret due to groupies.

  12. Rubén O.
    Rubén O.

    an due to coach and national team coaches


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