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Ride Geezum crow, what a day

  • 149.4km
  • 2,797m
  • 5:16:41
    Moving Time
  • 5,100


  1. Mark L.
    Mark Loftus

    "Geezum crow" -- a New Englander if ever I did hear one since my days in VT! Be careful out there on PCH--I'd hate to hear bad thing happen to ya.

  2. Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.

    Ted when's your first race?

  3. Ronnie  T.
    Ronnie Toth -

    good seeing ya out there on Topanga. no shame on not taking the bar. Bananas and peanut butter are much better. Real food any day. thrive on champ!

  4. Mike G.
    Mike Grant


  5. Davis K.
    Davis Kitchel

    Speed in KPH I hope!? 147 cadence! If I tried that something would fly off.

  6. Eric E.
    Eric E.

    beast mode!!

  7. Jayne D.
    jayne duvall

    speed 78…what?

  8. Jayne D.
    jayne duvall

    what made you go up busch drive?

  9. Kimber T.
    Kimber Tedro

    You are going to crush it this year !!

  10. Vic F.
    Vic Fear

    Go Ted. From Cannondale rider in cold wet windy England

  11. Steve F.
    Steve F.

    I am not Ted King...but Ted King is my bike riding Hero!!! Well done!

  12. Nathan B.
    Nathan Budd

    Cadence of 147?! I don't think my legs could physically move that fast!

  13. Eric S.
    Eric Supancic

    Wicked awesome...

  14. Mark D.
    Mark D.

    Hmmm ....Training in SoCal and Malibu will I'm stuck in Upstate NY with cold and icy roads. Sooo Jealous

  15. Tal L.
    Tal Lipshitz

    Check this out:

  16. Ryan C.
    Ryan Christensen



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