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Soaking it up (and yes, fueled by maple)

  • 167.4km
  • 3,369m
  • 5:58:10
    Moving Time
  • 5,602


  1. Gunnar C.
    Gunnar Christensen

    JIminy Crickets....that's one hell of a ride Ted! Nice work!

  2. Stephen W.
    Stephen Wilson

    11K ft climbed - I'm So jealous.

  3. Thomas F.
    Thomas F.

    Do you mix maple syrup with anything? Been mixing a little almond butter with grade b maple syrup and putting it in a hammer flask.

  4. Alex R.
  5. Russell R.
    Russell Ray

    Georgia 6-Gap ride is same distance and another 1,000 feet of climbing ;-)

  6. Scott Y.
    Scott Yarosh

    Looks awesome. You wouldn't have got the ride like that in New England this week, today the high was a balmy 18F. Yesterday was 2F.

  7. Ted K.
    Ted King

    Russell, this was a relatively flat ride. I'm not saying that to brag or be a jerk, just being honest. I rode the PCH for a really long time, then the flats around Newbury Park and the small rollers on Mulholland back home. When I want to go climbing, then we're opening up something big!

    GA riding is rad. I'm not denying that!

  8. Russell R.
    Russell Ray

    No problem Ted...6-gap was my first venture into "real climbing". It was tough for me but a great experience!!! This Saturday is my first race as a Master's Cat-5. Maybe I'll join the pro tour soon!! Lol

  9. Ted K.
    Ted King

    Cat-5 to ProTour. I did that! ( just took a few years)

  10. Bill S.
    Bill Sambol

    Where do I read about this maple that u use ?

  11. Bill S.
    Bill Sambol

    Haha!! Never mind I can't believe that I have seen it in your jersey all this time and didn't realize it !! Lol. Keep up the hard work

  12. Billy S.
    Billy Schaefer

    Maple syrup, high in iron! ...New England secret weapon.

  13. Jeff L.
    Jeff Lloyd

    Very nice!


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