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01/30/14 St. George, UT

  • 11.0mi
  • 1,775ft
  • 1:18:34
    Moving Time


  1. Joey L.
    Joey Lythgoe

    OMG you are such a hoe grandma!! lol

  2. Erica T.
    Erica Tingey

    Joey-are you calling me old or just calling me a hoe?! I"m simply giving you some motivation get back down here and collect segments:)

  3. Edward  F.
    Edward F.

    Was it windy up there today?

  4. Joey L.
    Joey Lythgoe

    Haha Grannie the hoe out getting some crowns today! But actually, I was referring to the segment names! I'll be back next weekend.. On a new bike! Yay! I can feel your fun from here!!!

  5. Erica T.
    Erica Tingey

    Ed-no wind at all. How about there?

  6. Erica T.
    Erica Tingey

    Joey-what's your new bike?!

  7. Edward  F.
    Edward F.

    Came up out of no where and was whipping really good!! Hoping it dies down for tomorrow and the weekend too.

  8. Joey L.
    Joey Lythgoe

    Scott Spark 900SL- love my Scale HT...always had a thing for Scott's! ;) Excited!

  9. Debbie M.
    Debbie Mortensen

    yeah, let's all gun for that hoe, I mean her highness...

  10. Erica T.
    Erica Tingey

    Hahahaha! @Debbie ^^^^

  11. Slyfox M.
    Slyfox M.

    I named all those segments, I like old hoes


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