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Ride Coffee Shop ride before Tour of Med

  • 66.4km
  • 647m
  • 2:16:01
    Moving Time


  1. James R.
    James Richardsen

    That's a long ride just for a cup of coffee

  2. L7 C.
    L7 C.

    was the coffee good though?

  3. Warry P.
    Warry Pieket

    Damn, forgot the sugar...

  4. Farzani F.
    Farzani F.

    in the hood! Congrats on your Big win :)

  5. Tony S.
    Tony S.

    Coffee shop rides are the best.

  6. Lanterne R.
    Lanterne Rouge

    you should be gutted not to find a single coffee shop for 66 kms.

  7. Mac W.
    mac will

    Nice jacket #VeloNewsMag

  8. Eric N.
    Eric Newberg

    Great kudos on - congratulations on all the hard work and results!

  9. Eytan G.
    Eytan Grinnell

    Must be great coffee. Congratulations.

  10. Dave D.
    Dave D.

    A little late but better than never....nice work there in Dubai. Killed it. Must be the Turkish coffee.

  11. Robert Brock C.
    Robert Brock Coble

    Back in my day, I had to travel 40 miles by bike just for a cup of coffee..uphill both ways

  12. Jeff R.
    Jeff Rigby

    Congrats on Dubai....

  13. Tim M.
    Tim Manning

    Congrats from the Brits!

  14. Joe S.
    Joe S.

    Congrats from Texas !! Your the best Taylor

  15. Abdul Ghaffar A.
    AbdulGhaffar AlKhajah

    Congrats on dubai , it was really nice performance you did here , we did enjoy watching you

  16. Larry W.
    Larry Walton

    You and Dubai awesome job.

  17. Tom S.
    Tom Stricklin

    Loved the pics of you on the podium.

  18. David G.
    David Griffiths

    My favourite part of the world. .rolling countryside, great food and wine. Enjoy your recovery and take in the peace. Best wishes until we meet surfing the contours :-)


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