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Run Foothill: 3 x 8min @ 50k target pace

  • 7.6mi
  • 1:00:55
    Moving Time
  • 7:58/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,068


  1. Brian D. P.
    Brian D. Purcell

    I use to live in Windsor, so I love seeing these runs in Foothill and Shiloh parks. Nice memories.

  2. Victor B.
    Victor Ballesteros

    You call that target pace?!? ;-)

  3. Bob S.
    Bob Shebest

    Yeah Brian, they're nice to have so close, and then on the weekend Windsor's pretty central to Lake Sonoma, Annadel/Sugarloaf-Hood, Armstrong. How long ago did you leave?

  4. Bob S.
    Bob Shebest

    Victor - how do you know what my interval paces were?? Stalking me on Garmin Connect again? I thought we were passed this... :D !!!

  5. Brian D. P.
    Brian D. Purcell

    I lived in Windsor about '99-'01 and Santa Rosa '01-'04. I lived in a duplex on Usher Dr.

  6. Victor B.
    Victor Ballesteros


  7. Luke G.
    Luke Garten

    Good luck Bob at your 50k and good luck Victor at your 50 miler!

  8. Bob S.
    Bob Shebest

    Thanx Luke!!

  9. Victor B.
    Victor Ballesteros

    Thanks Luke. It's only a training run. Building up my base to beat Bob into the ground at TRT 100. ;-)

  10. Luke G.
    Luke Garten

    I should have signed up for TRT. I pussed out.

  11. Bob S.
    Bob Shebest

    Luke - You can still be a part of the action! I need a fast pacer from Diamond Peak (80) to the finish. If all goes as planned, we should be done by 10:30pm, or earlier...

  12. Victor B.
    Victor Ballesteros

    10:30 or earlier... I like it. :-)

  13. Bob S.
    Bob Shebest

    We'll see... ;-)


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