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9/3 - 2014 Scody 3 Peaks Challenge. 2 from 2 :)

  • 235.2km
  • 4,626m
  • 7:31:13
    Moving Time
  • 7,780


  1. Michael W.
    Michael Waters

    legend :)

  2. Matt F.
    Matt Ferris

    That is impressive. Top effort.

  3. Scott N.
    Scott N.

    Love your work Steve. Congrats!

  4. Dean B.
    Dean B.

    Congrats Steve - A tough but successful day!

  5. Joye M.
    Joye M.

    Well done

  6. Vujos (Ctfu) O.
    Vujos (Ctfu) O.

    Super human effort Steve

  7. Mick W.
    Mick W.

    Epic Steve! Congrats and Well Done mate! Big Shout out to your support team (Michelle). Congrats again bro :-)

  8. Lou M.
    Lou M.

    Great ride Steve! Congratulations and well done

  9. Matt O.
    Matt O.

    Well done Steve, king of the mountain

  10. Geoff M.
    Geoff M.

    Well done Steve, you are definitely a hard man!

  11. Ewen R.
    Ewen Ross

    Awesome mate congratulations!!

  12. Stephen@Procyclingtours ..
    Stephen@Procyclingtours ..

    Thanks guys, If I do this again, i'm bringing easier gears and smelling the roses a bit more. For me, life is about always setting your sights on something and achieving is a very welcome bonus. Well done to all today.

  13. Bill G.
    Bill G.

    Huge result Steve! Chapeau :-)

  14. Tanya F.
    Tanya Freschi

    Well, what can I say:) Fantastic effort. The journey was great but the destination must have been even better!!! Your an inspiration.

  15. R D.
    R D.

    Nice ! What gears ? 28 / compact ?

  16. Adam R.
    Adam Rosser

    Awesome Steve.  Well done.  Now for the three-peat!

  17. Tim M.
    Tim Miller

    just wow!

  18. Daryl W.
    Daryl Whitwell

    Inspiring, that average speed with all that climbing, well done

  19. Mark O.
    Mark O.

    Well done Steve

  20. Ed Gration P.
    Ed Gration

    great job there Sir! 

  21. K M.
    K M.

    Sensational effort yet again!!

  22. Patrick M.
    patrick marcucci

    Bravo Stefano

  23. Jamie R.
    Jamie R.

    Bring on 3 in a row in 2015 - appropriate for 3 peaks

  24. Brian S.
    Brian Shambrook

    All those KOM's & PB's Wow !

  25. Rob M.
    Rob Milohanic

    I'll happily lose a KOM to a ride like that! Congratulations, magnificent work.

  26. Brett J.
    Brett J.

    You've inspired many of us ...thanks

  27. Terry G.
    Terry Granger

    Well done Steve; another brilliant effort! Can't see why you won't chalk up 3 out of 3. I am amazed that you only lost 5 mins off the bike. Very impressive!!

  28. Michael M.
    Michael M.

    Congrats Steve...very impressive work!...looks like you were feeling pretty good mid ride judging by the KOM's

  29. Michael M.
    Michael M.

    Forgot to the hell do you do 104 kph?

  30. Terry G.
    Terry Granger

    Looks like it was a hell of ride between yourself & Alex Davey. Of course none of us could see that because we were a long way behind!

  31. Andy B.
    Andy Bryant

    Alex and Steve crossed the finish line exactly together, an agreement between two gentlemen.

  32. Ben P.
    ben pilot

    very impressed!!! I'd love to see the power data!!!!

  33. John H.
    John Hockey

    Well done Steve, so many PB's and Top 10's throughout the ride, certainly a good solid impressive result. I bet those Coopers tasted better than ever before !!

  34. Ben P.
    ben pilot

    Love it !!!!

  35. Stavros V.
    Stavros Vasiliou

    You are an inspiration to others

  36. Lou M.
  37. Glenn T.
    Glenn Tee

    Inspiring ride Stephen!!! Awesome work!


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