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Climby climby.

  • 96.8mi
  • 10,013ft
  • 5:39:23
    Moving Time
  • 4,006


  1. Ian L.
    Ian L.

    Dammit dude! My e-mail just literally exploded with "You lost a KOM!" e-mails.

  2. Matt C.
    Matt Cooke

    Yeah sorry man, but you are killing it at the race.  Great job.  Also that Burleigh fella has got some distance on us both on many climbs.

  3. Landry B.
    Landry Bobo

    Wow, that is soooo solid

  4. Dave J.
    Dave Johnson

    Nice gaps on those KOM's

  5. Matt C.
    Matt Cooke

    Thanks guys.

  6. Matt C.
    Matt Cooke

    I have to get ready for Redlands.

  7. Matt O.
    matt olson

    Energy brought to you by "Turley's"--dinner of champions...

  8. Jimmy  S.
    Jimmy Schurman

    Keeeel Redlands, see u here dude!


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