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  • 22.4mi
  • 2,778ft
  • 1:52:47
    Moving Time
  • 921
  • 107
    Suffer Score


  1. Kyle S.
    Kyle Schirrmacher

    Look at all of those shiny medals!

  2. Christie R.
    Christie R.

    Ha! Most of them are for being the first girl to ride the segment. :-)

  3. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    Some great climbing!

  4. Kyle S.
    Kyle Schirrmacher

    The first to dare to ride it, you mean.

  5. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    You should have kept rolling out past Calaveras and climbed Welch Creek for extra credit.

  6. Christie R.
    Christie R.

    Oooh...we'll do that next time! I kind of didn't really know a great route other than Sierra and Felter, we were winging it.

  7. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    That was part of the Low-Key Hillclimb previously, not sure if it's on the list for this year.

  8. Greg M.
    Greg McCullough

    Nice work crushing your previous time. Bohlman next week!

  9. Kyle S.
    Kyle Schirrmacher

    Bohlman? I'm skurred!

  10. Super F.
    Super F.

    Welch Creek makes Bohlman seem easy...


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