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  • 31.5km
  • 390m
  • 1:16:57
    Moving Time
  • 641
  • 29
    Suffer Score


  1. Michael B.
  2. Kevin M.
    Kevin Metcalfe


  3. Chris D.
    Chris D.

    Ride of the day!

  4. Jason M.
  5. David M.
    David M.

    Etch A Sketch prodigy!

  6. Murphy M.
    Murphy M.


  7. Mike H.
    Mike Hardy

    max HR 256bpm - Dave clearly gets you going ;-)

  8. Richard W.
    Richard W.

    You have outdone yourself.

  9. Austin B.
    Austin B.

    Great work fella!

  10. Rob S.
    Rob S.

    Awesome :)

  11. Martin C.
    Martin C.

    Love it !

  12. Remy G.
    Remy Grout

    This is bonkers!!!! Great sport though...

  13. Matthew S.
    Matthew Sparkes

    Marvellous. Did you plan it out before you left, or do you just have the best sense of direction in the world?

  14. Rob C.
    Rob C.


  15. Chris P.
    Chris Phipps

    Thanks all! @Matthew - not planned, just got bored of the polo field lap, ran into a little problem on the 2nd "m"

  16. Alan P.
    Alan Parkinson (South Western RC)

    This could only happen in America. I like it.

  17. Storrs H.
    Storrs H.

    Chris, just fantastic. Love the serifs!

  18. Benjamin G.
    Benjamin Grol

    Brilliant :)

  19. Darren M.
    Darren Milun


  20. Jeremy D.
    Jeremy D.

    Awesome. Looks like you made it on to CyclingWeekly:

  21. Mandy D.
    Mandy D.

    I feel much better after seeing your heart rate...mine scares me!

  22. Tony N.
    Tony N.

    loving your work!

  23. Craig W.
    Craig W.

    Hi, I hope you don't mind the screen grab....

    stay upright

  24. Peter V.
    Peter V.

    Heh! Awesome!

  25. Andy C.
    Andy Collins


  26. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.

    Absolutely incredible!!!

  27. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.

    Read about this in The Telegraph

  28. Dave H.
    Dave H.

    That is awesome! Beats my Pharoah :)

  29. Ioannis C.
    Ioannis Cherouvim

    Good job!

  30. Luka V.
    Luka V.

    hahaha )))) nice