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Water and a banana

  • 99.8mi
  • 6,913ft
  • 4:59:41
    Moving Time
  • 4,642


  1. Landry B.
    Landry Bobo

    Wow... now I really feel like a fatty.

  2. Payson M.
    Payson McElveen

    Sounds like a recipe for bonky-time.

  3. Chad H.
    Chad Haga

    4000kj and no bonk in sight, although I was craving something other than water after 6 bottles

  4. Jade C.
    Jade Cleveland Ⓥ

    What's the purpose of doing that? Is it to teach your body to use of energy more efficiently or to simply loose weight?

  5. Chad H.
    Chad Haga

    A little bit of both, plus I really like to push my limits sometimes

  6. Jade C.
    Jade Cleveland Ⓥ

    I feel you! It just sucks when you've gone to far and slam into the infamous "wall", especially when you're 50-100k away from home.

  7. Mike R.
    Mike R.

    Some say, "He has no walls to hit."


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