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Bigg ride with Jason

  • 104.1mi
  • 10,079ft
  • 6:15:11
    Moving Time
  • 5,213
  • 196
    Suffer Score


  1. Super F.
    Super F.

    Don't be jaded by my relentless kudo-ing of your rides... you deserve every one.

  2. E Saw E Ahs B.
    E Saw E Ahs B.

    shit dang. that looks like an awesome ride! never ridden allota that stuff other than 9 and skyline of course.

  3. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    haha thanks guys. isaias, it's worth checking out! i swear the descent down 236 is one of the best around.. super smooth pavement and blissful turns. and the rest is well.. fun if you like to suffer! i'd do it again for sure


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  • Super F.
  • John S.
  • Jason M.
  • Greg S.
  • E Saw E Ahs B.