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Well, I guess I'm climbing alright.

  • 44.4km
  • 689m
  • 1:39:21
    Moving Time
  • 1,214


  1. A C.
    A Criss

    Well done on the cemetery...I'll be getting it back from you soon though. ;)

  2. Ryan N.
    ryan ness

    Florida ride!!!!

  3. Tiomoid F.
    Tiomoid F.

    Richard - thanks. was just doing a vo2 interval, not going for any KOMs. but hey added bonus.

    Ryan - yeah it does look like Florida! It was some final prep for Cascade. Are you gonna be racing?

  4. Andy K.
    Andy Kutansky

    Great job Tim!

  5. Ryan N.
    ryan ness

    Yes, but I'll still be in the 3s. See you this weekend.

  6. Tiomoid F.
    Tiomoid F.

    see you there Ryan. I'll be in the 2s but my I'll have a couple of teammates in the 3s.