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Breaking my own KOM's

  • 77.2km
  • 1,111m
  • 2:36:24
    Moving Time
  • 2,104


  1. Dave B.
    Dave Brodmann

    Always a good sign when you are gearing up for a big one! Good luck next week>

  2. Phil D.
    Phil D.

    Where you off to next week?

  3. Lawson C.
    Lawson Craddock

    Tour of California!

  4. Phil D.
    Phil D.

    Great!  Give them all some good old Texas hell on the climbs like you did last year.  I'll be watching for you on TV.

  5. Juan M G.
    Juan M G.

    Good Luck!!!  Caught the TOC were featured quite a bit...well done!!

  6. Vince M.
    Vince M.

    Give 'em hell!!! Riding the roads I grew up on Sunday & Monday. Let me know if you needs some recon

  7. Kevin Colburn  .
    Kevin Colburn - Cast a

    I started following you after TOC stage 2 last year. Loved the passion and drive. Good luck this year.

  8. Zach W.
    Zach Wong

    Team leader bib too! Go get 'em Lawson!


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