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Sunscreen sweatiness and a flash of Biblical rain.

  • 53.6mi
  • 2,930ft
  • 2:37:05
    Moving Time
  • 2,171


  1. Todd B.
    Todd Burns

    That's the 70.3 course, right? How was it?

  2. Jesse T.
    Jesse Thomas

    Yep, mostly. Missed a little out and back through town. It's awesome though

  3. Judd K.
    Judd Kaiser

    Jesse, what computer do you use for your bike?     rookie triathlete trying to decide.. thanks   

  4. Michael A.
    Michael Akers

    Use a 910xt, perfect for a triathlete!

  5. Parvin S.
    Parvin Singh

    if you have the money buy 910XT, else buy a 310XT which mostly is on deal on eBay

  6. Judd K.
    Judd Kaiser

    Thanks guys...I already own the 910xt... I was just curious if Jesse used something else just for the bike..

  7. Jesse T.
    Jesse Thomas

    I use a Powertap joule on the bike. It works great. More info on the screen than 910 and easier to customize.

  8. Judd K.
    Judd Kaiser

    Thanks for the info Jesse..

  9. Nicole T.
    Nicole T

    Have you tried P20 sunscreen? No sweatiness and one application lasts all day so perfect for sport. They do higher factors now too 30 & 50.