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Western States 2014 - 6th and a PR

  • 98.8mi
  • 17,205ft
  • 15:33:57
    Moving Time
  • 9:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 14,020


  1. Lori E.
    lori enlow

    Congrats! and thanks for sharing

  2. Will P.
    Will Porter

    Awesome run!

  3. Ed C.
    Ed C.

    Congrats - how did you get the full run on Strava ?

  4. Ian S.
    Ian Sharman

    The watch lasts 20 hrs - Garmin 910.

  5. Steve L.
    Steve L.

    Watched you come in at the finish. Great running!

  6. Ryan W.
    Ryan Welts

    Damn! Great run.

  7. Steve R.
    Steve Roach

    Fantastic run!! Wow

  8. James W.
    James Wang

    Congratulations on another great WS finish!

  9. Moritz A.
    Moritz auf der Heide

    Amazing effort. Finishing just in front of Aussie Brendan Davies ;) nice work

  10. Troy S.
    Troy Schweitzer

    Very nice work out there!

  11. Joshua S.
    Joshua Snyder

    Great run! So inspiring!

  12. Ryan N.
    ryan ness

    Great job man!!

  13. Jeff E.
    jeff eisenman

    14k calories, have you replaced them all yet

  14. Bj M.
    BJ Marraccini

    Congrats Ian...thanks for sharing! PRs are always good!

  15. Mario D.
    Mario DeLise

    Great run. Love seeing the Strava data too, thanks. Awesome average pace...

  16. David R.
    David R.

    Fantastic run Ian, well done on 6th place awesome :-):-):-)

  17. Evy Lyn V.
    Evy Lyn V.


  18. Dennis K.
    Dennis Knol


  19. Nicolas F.
    Nicolas Fruchart

    Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jamie W.
    Jamie Waldron


  21. Torsten H.
    Torsten H.


  22. David H.
    David Hays

    Congratulations on the PR! All those Diablo laps paid off! Strong inspiring run!

  23. Robert L.
    Robert Livolsi

    Your pace! How?!?!

  24. Mikethe B.
    mikethe barber

    MountainMan!! You are amazing.. Big Round of Applause!

  25. K Rizal C.
    K Rizal C.


  26. Malcolm M.
    Malcolm McLoughlin


  27. Torsten H.
    Torsten H.

    Just out of curiosity and as a follow up, Ian: Have you changed your shoes after the river crossing or have you kept on running with the wet ones.

  28. Ian S.
    Ian Sharman

    I've never changed my shoes during a race. Too much hassle and soreness to try to get new ones on.

  29. Torsten H.
    Torsten H.

    Thanks for your reply and the insight, Ian. This is what I assumed already.

  30. I H.
    I Hashmi

    Thats amazing! thanks for the trace.

  31. Steve R.
    Steve Roach

    So after you cross that river, how many miles are left and how do you run in soaked shoes and socks? You all amaze me.

  32. Ian S.
    Ian Sharman

    22 miles left after the river, but there are several water crossings through the day so the feet get wet a few times. Doesn't cause too much of a problem for most people.

  33. Mihai P.
    Mihai Pantis

    Way to go!

  34. John K.
    John Kynaston

    Superb run Ian.  Congratulations.

  35. Brent M.
    Brent Mekosh

    This is just massive!!!


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