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Recon stage 1 Tour de France

  • 97.6km
  • 1,038m
  • 3:21:28
    Moving Time
  • 2,507


  1. Max K.
    Max K.

    Welcome to England!

  2. Justin K.
    Justin Keck

    do work buddy.  Best of luck and praying

  3. Stevie  .
    stevie .

    good luck Ted, stay safe this year and watch out for those crashes please

  4. David C.
    David C.

    Pity we won't get any on the ride pics ;-) unless you sneak a camera in. Good luck. Make sure you pass Laurens on all the KOM segments!

  5. Christopher R.
    Christopher Roseberry

    Good luck!!!!!!

  6. Timojhen M.
    timojhen mark

    go Ted!

  7. Christian S.
    Christian S.


  8. Mark R.
    Mark Robbins

    Looking forward to both Kings racing

  9. Scott O.
    Scott O.

    so looking forward to this years TDF

  10. Michael B.
    Michael Barry

    Boom. Welcome to the North. See you on stage 2 - Holmes Moss

  11. Stu S.
    Stu Sanderson

    Good luck Ted

  12. Ricky A.
    Ricky A.

    welcome my friend stage 2 will be very good see you on the road.

  13. Luiz Eugênio C.
    Luiz Eugênio Câmara

    good luck !

  14. Paul H.
    Paul H.

    Do it !

  15. Jeff C.
    Jeff Cronin

    yeh baby!

  16. Todd G.
    Todd Griffin

    Good like Ted. Do NH proud again!

  17. Mark C.
    Mark C.

    Best of luck for a safe and fun tour... now get us some 'assists'..!  From all your Canadian Fans...(stay powered and stoked with real Maple Syrup, eh..!)

  18. David S.
    David Simcoe

    What are your impressions of the stage post recon.?

  19. Greg  W.
    Greg Williams

    Good Luck!

  20. Toby C.
    Toby Craig

    Have a great Tour..

  21. Michael P.
    Michael P.

    Good Luck and stay safe

  22. Eddie P.
    Eddie Polyakov

    Don't get hurt this time!

  23. Tom P.
    Tom Pinder

    Ey up Ted lad welcome t' Yorkshire

  24. Keith E.
    Keith Evans

    Good luck, ride strong

  25. Brandon B.
    Brandon Brown

    Keep the team buses away from the finish line this year...Good luck!

  26. Eric E.
    Eric E.

    Boom!  go #greenmachine 

  27. Ians O.
    Ians Outburst

    You got this.

  28. Jim T.
    Jim Thompson

    Good luck Ted. Ride hard.

  29. Jierui B.
    jierui bagsiyao

    Great effort bro:))) huge mountain climbing... More kudos Ted and Good Luck.

  30. Kirk K.
    Kirk K.

    May the Force be with you, Ted!

  31. James P.
    James P.

    Good luck Ted

  32. Rick M.
    Rick M

    Hope you brought enough maple syrup for 3 weeks!

  33. LÉon T.
    LÉon T.

    For Your amusement -

  34. Strava B.
    Strava B.

    Welcome to 'the north' Ted

  35. Rick M.
    Rick M

    Hope you brought enough maple syrup for 3 weeks!

  36. Alden T.
    Alden T.

    Have a great Tour!

  37. Heather O.
    Heather O.

    Go Ted! Looking forward to watching you this year.

  38. Bill D.
    Bill Demarais

    Good luck Ted..

  39. Keith F.
    Keith F.

    Best wishes to you and Team Cannondale!

  40. Adam M.
    Adam M.

    Have a great tour Ted

  41. Reid O.
    Reid Orvedahl

    Ted, I wish you an awesome tour!  You deserve it.  And thank you for posting your rides to Strava.  They, and you, inspire me! 

  42. Edgar M.
    Edgar M.

    Good luck Ted Show the TDF how SoCal Rolls!

  43. Zach S.
    zach stehouwer

    Good luck Ted!

  44. Dan L.
    Dan L.

    Lets see Sagan in yellow after stage 2

  45. Ben T.
    Ben T.

    The king!!

  46. Roberto M.
    roberto mata

    good luck Ted for you and for the team.

  47. David S.
    David S.

    Good luck Ted!

  48. Gerardo B.
    Gerardo B.

    good luck for tour !!! gasss!

  49. Geoff O.
    Geoff O.

    Hey Ted... Make sure your TT is solid this year... Come on man... Other than that can't wait to watch you and the rest of the tour battle it out!!!

  50. Matt C.
    Matt Conrad

    Best wishes to you and team cannondale on a great tour


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