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  • 175.4km
  • 3,178m
  • 4:42:27
    Moving Time
  • 3,728


  1. Lauren C.
    Lauren Celli

    Keep going Ted!! 2 weeks to go.

  2. Rick M.
    Rick M

    Interesting ride supplements, must work as Ted's results are fabulous!

  3. Corbin K.
    Corbin Kohn

    Way to go Ted!

  4. Old Legs K.
    OldLegs Kelly you actually use those?

  5. David R.
    David R.

    77.8! Wow.

  6. Patrick C.
    Patrick Cushing

    Hmm... is that the same tartan from your jersey on that maple goodness?

  7. Wendy Woo !! ;.
    Wendy Woo !! ;-)

    Well done Ted. Awesome

  8. Eric L.
    Eric Lewis - IEBA

    Wow! That's a fast downhill speed. Epic stats.

  9. Landry B.
    Landry Bobo

    I NEED this

  10. Brian C.
    Brian C.

    Exeter is proud bro

  11. Robbie S.
    Robbie Stout

    Nice! I actually mixed maple syrup with water in one of my bottles today because I didn't have anything else. Not bad.

  12. Sam D.
    Sam Damphousse


  13. Tim M.
    Tim McKean

    If that stuff is powering you Ted then it's on my shopping list - superpower porridge from now on ;-)!

  14. Justin  M.
    Justin M.

    great job Ted. sad to see you go. you'll be back i'm sure

  15. Patrick W.
    Patrick Walter

    Too bad I can't ship you some of my baker's maple syrup bacon donuts!

  16. Doc D.
  17. Kyle P.
    Kyle Polansky

    Sorry about the stage today Ted. It was a tough race and you did a great job!

  18. Tom W.
    Tom Wilson

    Can't wait for the delivery of maple. People get crowd funding!!!!

  19. Matt S.
    Matt Shiels

    Don't sweat it Ted. Come back to New England and drink some Beeeas ked! Then get back on that rig.

  20. Paul G.
    Paul Gordon

    just looking at the profile and ur average speed, Chapeau Ted Chapeau!

  21. Jesse P.
    Jesse P.

    Ted,9 you are the man!

  22. Phil W.
    Phil Walker

    So sorry about your abandonment today Ted - bon chance next year!!

  23. Robert L.
    Robert Leever

    Was sad you had to abandon today, but hold your head high! You were on the front most of the first week and on the ground several times too because of the awful weather. Rest, rebuild, and race again soon. We are looking forward to watching you!

  24. Ryan P.
    Ryan Pace

    Your still my Hero Ted! Sorry about the bad luck. Never enough glory for the guys doing the work. Hope to see you tearing it up at the Tour of Utah!

  25. Willie M.
    Willie Montanez

    Awesome Job Ted...don't worry be Happy

  26. Bill C.
    Bill Canning

    Sorry that you couldn't make it to Paris. Hopefully third time will be a charm next year!

  27. Matthew B.
    Matthew B.

    Chapeau Ted, Vermont is proud of you!

  28. Peter F.
    Peter Foradas

    Sorry about the rough luck again this year, but I know you'll be back and better than ever. Keep doing what you're doing; your contributions to to sport stretch far beyond all that you accomplish on the road.

  29. John K.
    John Kayon

    Ted your an inspiration awesome year the Tour are you kidding. Ted your one of the top 200 cyclists on Planet Earth incredible.  

  30. Paul G.
    Paul Gordon

    Been a savage tour, respect to you Ted, hope you spinning and winning soon

  31. Gordon W.
    Gordon Wright

    Ted, thanks for being an inspiration

  32. Jillian M.
    Jillian Murphy

    Great article in Velo News Ted.  Tough break on this tour. But you are in good company...Froome, Contador, Cavendish... Let's hope next year!  And lets hope your wounds heal well and fast!

  33. Ian B.
    Ian Biller

    You're still the man!

  34. Gary O.
    Gary Olson

    Loved the Velo News piece. Sad to see you leave Le Tour.

  35. Michael B.
    Michael Bush

    Look at all the big names dropping out but you keep fighting. Keep up the great work. #pedaldamnit

  36. Steven S.
    Steven Saffo

    New Hampshire's proud of you Ted!

  37. Koichi S.
    Koichi Shibuya

    Take a rest well and show us your guts again!!!

  38. Kevin D.
    Kevin D.

    Yeaaaa! Just signed on to the mapletap


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