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Bohlman LKHC and more

  • 28.9mi
  • 3,402ft
  • 2:01:57
    Moving Time
  • 1,199


  1. Rich B.
    Rich B.

    Great job today! You scored lots of points for us, I am sure. When will you be climbing again? We might do all of them! You got about 7 QOMs today from your climb on Strava. Now, Brianne has to get back in shape to get some of them back.

  2. Rikke Kvist P.
    Rikke Kvist P.

    Actually, none of the QOMs I got today were "Bri's". Most of them only ever had 2-4 girls going up those hills - gee, I wonder why? ;) I am tempted to do the one over in Fremont next week now. It is actually only 30-something miles from my house.

  3. Jon D.
    Jon Degenhardt

    Nice ride today, very impressive! There's no way to make that an easy climb!

  4. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    Terrific climbing this morning Rikke...lots of crowns (or should that be tiara) to show for it!


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