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LKHC Bohlman-On Orbit

  • 7.0km
  • 599m
  • 26:30
    Moving Time
  • 510
  • 41
    Suffer Score


  1. Marcel A.
    Marcel Appelman

    Looks like you're getting another Strava shirt!

  2. Chris P.
    Chris Phipps

    Just in time for Halloween! Do you want it?

  3. Marcel A.
    Marcel Appelman

    Ha no, I already got a few. Congrats on the KOM and the win. You so deserve another bucket of Schweddy Balls!

  4. Jan W.
    Jan W.

    KOM Thief. :p

  5. Deborah G.
    Deborah Gallagher

    KOM Thief, I love that.

  6. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    Very nice!!!! Gear? I was in my 34/27 and tried around 5 or 6 times to shift down from that... Tracy rode a 42/27! :-o.

  7. Super F.
    Super F.



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