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Sunday City Tour

  • 37.3mi
  • 3,323ft
  • 3:13:23
    Moving Time


  1. Will M.
    will mcdonald

    you biked by my houseboat!

  2. Annie V.
    Annie V.

    Nice, bummed I missed ya this summer you might have to give me some trail pointers, I feel like I only know the roads around here.

  3. Will M.
    will mcdonald

    yeah me too! not much in the way of trails in Portland but here is a ride through forest park and this one through powell butte and forest park. Powell butte is fun but probably only 6 miles of single track. There are some alright trails past german town, and the last of the forest park fire roads. and some of the other fire roads in there are fun. good luck:)

  4. Will M.
    will mcdonald

    or grab some bike lights and ride wildwood trail in forest park at night, just don't let any hikers catch you, they're asshole out there! haha

  5. Annie V.
    Annie V.

    Nice, I ran Wildwood Saturday... I hate that it's only fire roads up there. Thanks for your tips!


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