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OLH PR attempt

  • 34.5mi
  • 3,624ft
  • 2:08:15
    Moving Time
  • 1,698


  1. Kenneth S.
    Kenneth S.

    Hey, not fair. I need your file. my garmin f'd me. well done.

  2. Matt A.
    Matt Allie

    yeah, what the hell? does not make any sense! your time is 10s off my time! what did u time it at?? I had 15'42 on my stop watch.

  3. Kenneth S.
    Kenneth S.

    yeah, 15'42. congratulations- you run all summer and can still kick butt on olh.

  4. Matt A.
    Matt Allie

    what if u got serious about running? maybe u'd do OLH in 15' flat!

  5. Clark F.
    Clark Foy

    Fantastic job, guys. I choose not to get involved in the computer discrepancy discussion. ;-)


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