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Ride 01/10/2012 Gaiole In Chianti, Toscana, Italy

  • 103.1km
  • 1,743m
  • 3:58:11
    Moving Time
  • 2,641


  1. Ashley G.
    Ashley Gruber

    Kudos on Lecchi -- Jered just got an email. haha! :)

  2. Joao C.
    Joao Correia

    Poor Jered.

  3. Jerome G.
    Jerome Giordano

    It's a kind of honor to let a KOM to Laurens, Jered you can be proud!

  4. Peter W.
    Peter Williams @MIA-Rouge Coffee

    OK 25 pages of KOM's is enough!

  5. Allan S.
    Allan Schroeder

    lol... 25 pages, but actually, Jered has more :)

  6. Bob S.
    Bob Streutjens

    How many Strava users can say that they have received an email with 'Laurens ten Dam stole your KOM...'.....!!!??? There is more honor in that than in the KOM itself!

  7. Mateusz C.
    Mateusz Chojecki

    Jered was riding along..

  8. Jered G.
    Jered Gruber

    Hahaha - even better than getting an email saying Laurens Ten Dam stole your KOM? Sending one back to him. :) Looking forward to having a go to see if I can better his time. haha.

  9. Erik L.
    Erik L.

    Hi Lau. Ik zie dat je nu een Edge 800 hebt gebruikt. Bevalt ´ie ??

  10. Raoul K.
    Raoul Kuijpers

    Terrasje gepikt in Sienna?!

  11. Jason  G.
    Jason G.

    How can I train on my turbo for more climbing ability this winter? I'm a sprinter and I want to add 80-90mile stage races to my season. But I fear I'll look silly if I can't climb.


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