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Ride Tour of Beijing St 1 北京市, 北京市, China

  • 117.3km
  • 160m
  • 2:43:00
    Moving Time


  1. Pete L.
    Pete L.

    Nice work out there. How is low air quality treating your lungs?

  2. Kai L.
    Kai Lee

    Very windy day. Peloton seems very peaceful.

  3. Brian B.
    Brian Bluvas

    Yikes! Hope you were wearing an oxygen mask.

  4. Clint D.
    Clint Davis

    That is the most plain route I have ever seen on Strava

  5. Ollie R.
    Ollie Rees

    I love it how pros strava their races!!!!

  6. Carlos M.
    Carlos Mendoza

    what other pros strava their rides? great ride BEN, you guys are flying 26mph average over 70+ miles ....... WOW!

  7. Pete L.
    Pete L.

    Carlos, the last 8 miles were 33 mph. Thats fast.

  8. Ben K.
    Ben King

    It was very windy which thankfully blew away a lot of the smog. The buildings funneled the wind so that it was predominantly head/tail, and made a controlled and typical sprint stage with a very fast finish.

  9. Kj H.
    KJ Holiday

    Wow!.... sounds radical... No other riders used strava??lol, take care, rest up and haul ass!

  10. David B.
    David Burridge

    I love how Ben King is the only pro that Strava's their races...that I know of at least.
    Wow, so Strava is a verb now also. Does that mean we have to conjugate it as in Nosotros Stravamos.

  11. Steve O.
    Steve Ody

    well done Ben. Great stuff. Laurens ten Dam from Rabobank also Strava's his rides.

  12. Steve O.
    Steve Ody

    Taylor Phinney also...

  13. Robert D.
    Robert D.

    Matthew Cooke as well...


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