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Run 10/11/2012 Toronto, ON, Canada

  • 16.5km
  • 1:24:57
    Moving Time
  • 5:09/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,433


  1. Clara H.
    Clara Hughes

    a nice run and then a coffee and then another little run with my boss from Bell Canada, Mr.Loring Phinney. A great way to start the day in this big city. Many people out running doing the same thing. Running and riding on the waterfront trail. So awesome to see so many people out!

  2. Chris G.
    Chris Green

    Hope you let your boss win.

  3. Tony B.
    Tony Bursey

    Congrats on your Honourary Doctorate.

  4. David H.
    David H.

    Congrats on the HD :-) do you ever race cyclocross? It is a blast you would be awesome at it

  5. Pj K.
    Pj K.

    I heard your CAMH address was amazing. I would love to hear you speak sometime. Missed you at the York graduation too. Any engagements coming up?

  6. Jon T.
    Jon Thorpe

    Nice little run Carla!
    Are you still throwing miles on the bike too? Or is running the new big thing?

    Oh yeah - and the Honorary Doctorate is cool too ;)

  7. James W.
    James Warne

    Clara - I was privileged to hear you speak last night at the Bell Gala. George summed it up perfectly after you spoke when he said "There is really nothing else to say after Clara!" I know your sporting achievements make you proud, as they do Canadians everywhere, but I can see that being spokesperson for this cause will probably eclipse all of that. Your passion and commitment is inspiring!

  8. Eddie T.
    Eddie Taxell Lamptey

    Congrats on the HD! How long did your boss hang with you on the run?

  9. Neil B.
    Neil Brown

    You did well

  10. Clara H.
    Clara Hughes

    thanks everyone! Bell Gala was many great moments all for CAMH...
    no riding just running, I travel too much now and am enjoying a new activity after so much riding. And York U...super environment with all the graduates...all great experiences!

  11. Neil B.
    Neil Brown

    I have perfected the design of the pedal bicycle to go faster,(17 year research effort) making little adjustments to every significant dimension detail. While I have the prototype frame made to my body specs, it happens to fit you perfectly as well. You are only one inch taller than I am. But since you are giving up bicycling by the looks of it, I will look around to find some one else to experience perfection for the first time. I wish you good tidings for the future....NEIL ..the Bicycle Angel

  12. Wendy H.
    Wendy Horrobin

    Congratulations Clara, CAMH holds much importance to my family, happy to see them celebrated with a Gala Event.


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