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Ride Tabor Recovery Ride w/Comptons, Antonneau and Mo

  • 30.0km
  • 468m
  • 1:13:10
    Moving Time
  • 990
  • 25
    Suffer Score


  1. Tim J.
    Tim Johnson

    And we even went to a Zoo...

  2. Fast Legs K.
    FastLegs Kelly

    Tim...what is your favorite zoo animal? I am guessing....gorillas?

  3. Tim J.
    Tim Johnson

    Bears...or maybe the wolves. They actually had a pack of wolves, believe that?

  4. Fast Legs K.
    FastLegs Kelly

    i love wolves...they often call me "the lone wolf"! You coming to the cincinnati 3-day cross races on Nov.2-4 this year?I live on the day 1 course!!!

  5. Eric W.
    Eric W.

    I'm terrified of bears. In fact, the only time I ever run is when bears are around.

  6. Matt  S.
    Matt Surch

    Great to see you racing (on the YouTube) in Tabor, Tim. Seems it didn't quite finish as you'd have hoped.....I may be Canadian, but I'm rooting for you guys! I always go for the underdogs.

  7. Ivan B.
    Ivan B.

    Tabor is a pretty cool town. Can't wait to ride central Bohemia again this year in May. Brdy woods & trails are amazing and a little gnar on a road bike.

  8. Zach T.
    Zach Thomas

    I did a wheelie over a wolf in last weekend's race. It gave me a beer and a wet willie.

  9. Peter L.
    Peter Louton

    Man am I jealous, I just got to ride my normal trails. To bad you aren't further north in Berlin and you could visit my parents for me.

    I did see a tiger on my ride last night.

  10. Matt  S.
    Matt Surch

    I actually almost ran over a snake yesterday, right in front of a little boy. Should have hopped it, but instead braked hard, wound up on the front wheel, but avoided carnage. Phewf.


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