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Ride The Great Pumpkin Ride

  • 133.3km
  • 1,285m
  • 4:09:36
    Moving Time
  • 3,974
  • 98
    Suffer Score


  1. Rajen P.
    Rajen P.

    Have you linked up with your new team mates yet?

  2. Joe D.
    Joe Dombrowski

    Just came back from a team social gathering in London last weekend.

  3. Rick S.
    Rick Studley

    We'll be watching and rooting for you... Especially since you're home-teamer...

  4. Rajen P.
    Rajen P.

    Ah fantastic. Good luck for the season. From the outside looks like you have joined a fantastic team. Will be following you, dare I say a challenge for a couple classics?

  5. Anthony A.
    Anthony Ando`

    Joe I believe your going to have a great future....Winning the "Baby Giro" is a big accomplishment!!! If you look at the history of past winners, it is pretty impressive!!!!! Good luck in the future. BTW the Mt. Baldy stage was not to Shabby either!!

  6. Wayne C.
    Wayne Consolla

    Nice Riding with you yesterday ( at least the first mile on the bike trail). Good to see Mom and Dad on the ride. Go Joe. Check out the photo's on FaceBook.

  7. Mason C.
    Mason Cooley

    From the news that must have been one hell of a team meeting, well, ride well and stay clean!

  8. Chris R.
    Chris Ross

    Have a great 2013 season!

  9. Gavin M.
    Gavin Mannion

    4,000kj in October? What is wrong with you?

  10. Joe D.
    Joe Dombrowski

    Dude, so I go to the ride, and expect to just ride pretty easy and stop at all the rest stops for pumpkin pie and whatnot. But, I end up riding with this old Dutch guy on a CX bike who is just smashing it. After talking to him, turns out he has been top ten in amateur Roubaix! Apparently, he can still go... by the way, that 238 watt average was me on a road bike and him on knobbies...

  11. Chris M.
    Chris Malone

    Funny...Joe, that was Jaab. I call him "the Legend of Jaab." He shows up at the shop and just smokes us other old dudes. Crazy strong still.


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