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Ride first mtb ride with Frank, didn't kill myself, success!

  • 14.0mi
  • 946ft
  • 1:51:05
    Moving Time
  • 669


  1. Chad W.
    Chad Williamson

    garmin on the stem so the altimeter port is semi-blocked...huge difference in elevation of the altimeter vs. using elevation corrections. altimeter had 946ft and elevation corrections has 1410ft.

  2. Marcus F.
    Marcus Farris

    when did you get a mtn bike?

  3. Chad W.
    Chad Williamson

    ...yesterday, haha. i've been thinking about it for awhile though.

  4. Fuzz K.
    Fuzz King

    Dude - where was my call... You know I would have been in... Now - "Didn't kill myself" - but you got close though... ;-)

  5. Ken B.
    Ken Burst

    Next you need a Cyclocross Bike!

  6. Chad W.
    Chad Williamson

    haha time! send me an FB message with your number

  7. Fuzz K.
    Fuzz King

    No FB for the Fuzz King - Strava sucks up too much time already... I have an old Vulcan Tri email somewhere with your info - will get in touch... Out of town this weekend though - headed to IM FLA to be a supporter... But after that...

  8. Chad W.
    Chad Williamson

    haha...forgot you weren't on FB...just e-mail me at i'll have some more skillz by the time you get back from IM FL...


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