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Run Took me 20 minutes to hit go

  • 6.1km
  • 41:29
    Moving Time
  • 6:50/km
    Avg Pace
  • 585


  1. Ollie R.
    Ollie Rees

    Wow you don't just cycle!!!!!!!

  2. John R.
    John Raguin

    Used to live down there on Society street and used to run there all the time. You have to run over the bridges to get any hills.

  3. David D.
    David Devine

    whoa why did you do this to your feet?!

  4. Erik S.
    erik sjogren

    Good on you!

  5. Vander P.
    vander praxedes


  6. Shayne G.
    Shayne Gaffney

    Funny how the only road that pops up in the mini map is King St.

  7. James D.
    James Davis

    nice to meet you, next time you come down we'll hit FIG

  8. Justin K.
    Justin Keck



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