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Ride Bromancing The Stone-RFed and WH19's Search for KO'Mara!

  • 16.3mi
  • 2,793ft
  • 1:39:55
    Moving Time
  • 947


  1. Ryan F.
    Ryan Fedorow_Baghouse/Rock n Road

    Ur an animal

  2. The  B.
    The Baumer

    Thanks brother, but don't down play your skills either!

  3. Johnny O.
    Johnny O'Mara_Baghouse

    Good seeing you for a few mins!

  4. Ty S.
    Ty Swartz_Baghouse/Rock N Road

    Nice meeting you Baumer, you re gnarly

  5. The 805  L.
    The 805 Local

    Pepe! My Little Mule

  6. The  B.
    The Baumer

    @805local-We are bringing little Pepe WH #19 to the Nosco ride!

  7. Ben B.
    Ben Bostrom I am Special...ized

    Whoa Baumer!!! Reading these comments....I was unclear if the title was supposed to read "Bromancing the bone". Ur an animal, Good seeing you for a few mins, you're gnarly and finally....Pepe! My little Mule.

  8. The  B.
    The Baumer

    @ Benny. Because Strava is "Family" oriented, the orginal title had to be changed to be in compliance. The "uncut" version of "Bromancing the Bone", will be available on Blue Ray later this fall!!


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