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Winter Series Henry Coe

  • 30.5km
  • 798m
  • 1:21:26
    Moving Time


  1. Todd S.
    Todd S.

    way to kill it!

  2. Joe S.
    Joe Sullivan

    Thanks. Good win yesterday.

  3. Todd S.
    Todd S.

    thanks for putting in good work. had a lot of wheel suckers. you looking for a 4 man team? I've got 3. need 1 more. send me email at if you're interested

  4. Brian B.
    Brian Baccus

    Joe, great job taking the TT overall. I heard you fell at a race Saturday but heard you are okay.

  5. Brian B.
    Brian Baccus

    Todd,good job today at the crit. It's never easy with Johannes and Aaron.


  • Todd S.
  • Brian B.