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Last day in CA. Red eye home tonight

  • 123.3km
  • 2,210m
  • 4:11:34
    Moving Time
  • 4,308


  1. Lance O.
    Lance Oldstrong

    I hope you had a great trip. Safe Travels.

  2. Steve J.
    Steve J.

    red eyes are fun!

  3. Zachary H.
    Zachary H.

    Come back to the Bay Area soon!

  4. Zachary H.
    Zachary H.

    Come back to the Bay Area soon!

  5. Pete L.
    Pete L.

    Red eyes aint so good for recovery.

  6. Ashley I.
    Ashley Irving

    Fly safe.

  7. John K.
    John K.

    Hey man, my friend Ben was saying your group put on a good chase to catch him towards the end of the Hincapie Fondo. Sounds like it was a sweet event!

  8. Ted K.
    Ted King

    We weren't chasing anyone John. But YES, it was a sweet event. George is a really good guy, I'm glad I could have been part of it.

  9. John K.
    John K.

    Sounds like I got told some fiction!

    Have a good season Ted, race hard dude.


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