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Ride Post Turkey Test Session-Enve Wheels and Maxxis Shootout

  • 19.6mi
  • 2,534ft
  • 1:33:05
    Moving Time
  • 953


  1. The  B.
    The Baumer

    3rd ride on the Scalpel 2, looks like things are progressing nicely Richie.

  2. Jim ".
    JIM "Every Second Counts" FLANDERS

    Nice KOM's today. You passed my wife and I (we were on the tandem MTB) as you entered the "Enchanted Forest" segment, and I told her "that had to be Ty Kady wearing all of that ShoAir gear". Dude, you were hauling'! I guess if I have to lose my KOM to someone, it might as well be you. Nice ride!

  3. The  B.
    The Baumer

    Jim, I think you can get the Enchanted KOM back....I didn't realize that was a segment, and looks like it starts back near the ranger center too. Get after it and you might surprise yourself. Looks like you and the wife were having fun!

  4. Dustin "Flying Dutchman" L.
    Dustin "Flying Dutchman" Lewis

    It's okay Jim, I lost like 10 KOM's in 2 days to the Baumer!! Gonna go sell my bikes now. Lol!!

  5. The  B.
    The Baumer

    @ Flying Dutchman, I owe you big time!! Thanks for showing me the Olinda trail, never knew it was there and was perfect route for staying local this weekend. I still think you can take a few of those back.

  6. David L.
    David Lewis

    Great stuff Baumer. That Syc DH KOM is killer. Wow! And the Glider Ridge climb too.

  7. Steve F.
    Steve Flanders - MXTalkRadio

    Nice KOM on Sycamore. It's going to be tough to find another 16 seconds to take that back. Good work!!!

  8. The  B.
    The Baumer

    @ Steve, the new Scalpel 2 is working well, but if anyone can pull it off, I think your the guy.

  9. Dustin "Flying Dutchman" L.
    Dustin "Flying Dutchman" Lewis

    Yah you pretty much took Syc DH to a whole new level!! Gonna have to get rid of the SL2 and get a scalpel!!! Ha. Good job man, keep us on our game.


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