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Ride 11/26/2012 Arlington, VA

  • 26.8mi
  • 212ft
  • 1:24:56
    Moving Time
  • 1,227


  1. Cj K.
    Cj K.

    Nice workout.. what were the timing of the sets?

  2. Clayton H.
    Clayton Hamilton

    Cheers CJ!

    Here was the workout - I think the segment should show up, but if not this is what I was up to:

    L3+ SST plus pedal drills

    Main Set 1: 2x15-mins at 255-270W w/ 5-min recovery between efforts
    Main Set 2: One set is 5-mins long and consists of --
    1-min left leg only, 1-min right leg only, 1-min both legs focusing on smooth/round pedal strokes. 2-mins easy spinning.
    Do 3 sets.

    Single leg drills feel like squats, but they're fun. Enjoyed the workout!


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