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Ride its like May. 28/11/12 Ogden, UT

  • 26.7mi
  • 3,228ft
  • 2:11:04
    Moving Time
  • 1,714
  • 69
    Suffer Score


  1. S' U.
    S' Up

    It's like deja vu all over again...

  2. Cameron C.
    Cameron Cline

    That you on the 29er that passed me today?

  3. Panda O.
    Panda OnaPony

    Bruiser, today was totally different than yesterday, I rode 1 mile more trail. And I think that was you and I today, Cameron, on the it linked us together coming home. Our usual lunch ride, ya know....

  4. Cameron C.
    Cameron Cline

    Got ya. Glad to officially meet you. Nice job out there.

  5. Alejandro L.
    Alejandro Lizarazo

    You guys are totally missing my favorite part of north ogden trail system. A hand cut single track ABOVE powerline trail. Look from 6th to 8th mile of this ride.

  6. Alejandro L.
    Alejandro Lizarazo

    It's pretty sweet riding that section from west to east. If riding the opposite, then you'll have to climb some steep switchbacks.


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