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Cannondale Pro Cycling camp, day 1

  • 101.0km
  • 753m
  • 3:19:16
    Moving Time
  • 2,378
  • 53
    Suffer Score


  1. Isaac S.
    Isaac Sheets

    Can't wait to you what you and your teammates have in store for us this coming season!

  2. Craig L.
    Craig Lewis


  3. Jordan R.
    Jordan Reed


  4. Jordan R.
    Jordan Reed


  5. Jm K _.
    Jm K _.

    Nice weather

  6. Jm K _.
    Jm K _.

    Nice weather

  7. Mateusz C.
    Mateusz C.

    just love it there!

  8. Free V.
    Free Vr

    Tuf ride I see with an average heart rate below 100! ;)

  9. Dan "Barney" C.
    dan "barney" chomko

    72 degrees1 it was 25 in nh this morning and as you know thats warm for december. have a great season hope to chase you on a "uvepic" this spring

  10. Aaron M.
    Aaron Midgley

    How Wurf going?

  11. Roger L.
    Roger Lynn

    Looks like fun...!!!!!!

  12. Peter W.
    peter weiner

    Are you staying at Zi Martino?

  13. Revere G.
    Revere G.

    Great restaurant in San Vincenzo: Il Gambero Rosso.

  14. Revere G.
    Revere G.

    Great restaurant in San Vincenzo: Il Gambero Rosso.

  15. Revere G.
    Revere G.

    Great restaurant in San Vincenzo: Il Gambero Rosso.

  16. Ted K.
    Ted King

    Craig... if only we had Sassicaia at the table. Or any vino for that matter. In related news, the aqua frizzante is tasty. Or at least effervescent

    Similar story Revere: no food for us. Today's breakfast to kickstart a day of riding was abysmal.


  17. Marco G.
    Marco G.

    welcome back in italy Ted ! have a nice time here

  18. Alexis K.
    Alexis Kraft

    Pro camp is a bit nicer than a Cat 5 training regime, which started this week as well. Yesterday it was 28F at 6:30 in Brooklyn; laps in Prospect Park as the sun rises. Wish I were a pro right now! (of course, you worked so hard to get there, that is what's most admirable, and there's plenty of cold rainy days in Belgium this spring to bring it all full circle!) Go Team Cannondale!


  • Hüseyin O.
  • Steve T.
  • Ron S.
  • Cristian S.
  • Davis K.
  • Silvana M.
  • Steven P.
  • Mike W.
  • Michael J.
  • Marco P.
  • Dinçer K.
  • Isaac S.
  • Matt R.
  • Levi T.
  • Joseph G.
  • Daniel B.
  • Jonathan G.
  • Greg K.
  • Carson C.
  • Paul G.
  • Rogier "Dutch" G.
  • Daniel P.
  • Timur S.
  • Lance B.
  • Steve M.
  • Les "Island Boy" M.
  • Daniel O.
  • Mateusz C.
  • Free V.
  • Jesse A.
  • Steve C.
  • Greg M.
  • Jae R.
  • Darren P.
  • Fernando Akira -.
  • Daniel L.
  • Hélène B.
  • Marlon C.
  • Andy A.
  • Robert I.
  • Christopher S.
  • Dean H.
  • Francis S.
  • Michael A.
  • Marco L.
  • Paul H.
  • Roger L.
  • Shayla W.
  • Steve  Z.
  • Chris D.