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Ride Norton Summit, Belair Rd, Clarendon, Coast TT

  • 126.4km
  • 1,388m
  • 4:14:31
    Moving Time
  • 3,434


  1. James F.
    James Fox

    Only 37 achievements, good job..

  2. Matthew F.
    Matthew Flint

    Only 10 less than you, that's not bad..

  3. Paul C.
    Paul Cavallin

    Gees. Picky picky. Good work today. Btw I got 57!! Lol

  4. James F.
    James Fox

    Only pulling your leg.. but look on your face Matt when we went round the roundabout at Outer Harbour was priceless ;-)

  5. Paul C.
    Paul Cavallin

    And I missed. Serves me right for being soft!


  • Robert S.
  • James F.
  • Paul C.
  • Mr W.