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Ride 2012 Desert Dash

  • 370.2km
  • 2,523m
  • 14:08:43
    Moving Time
  • 13,478


  1. Peter V.
    Peter Van't Hoogerhuys

    Epic ride & Suffer score! I'd give more kudos if I could...

  2. Glyn O.
    Glyn Owen


  3. P Hill D.
    P Hill D.

    Coup de chapeau!

  4. David C.
    David C.

    Thanks for posting Dan. Must have been dry and dusty. Hope you had some mist at Swakop to cool you down. That's similar as Bristol to York in 1 go! ouch.

  5. Steve M.
    Steve M.

    Epic!!! Well done for winning it.

  6. Dan C.
    Dan C.

    Thanks guys, this race is definitely one for the bucket list! Amazing race, scenery, atmosphere - everything. They've changed the setup so it's only dusty cause of cars passing for 140 of the 370km which is reasonable. My favorite race on the calendar!

  7. Paddy T.
    Paddy T.

    I didn't realise it was down hill all the way. Makes it look easy! ;)

  8. Dan C.
    Dan C.

    Haha, what can I say Paddy, I've been bigging it up all this time... someone's finally caught me out :)


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