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T'was Blustery

  • 75.1km
  • 489m
  • 2:29:23
    Moving Time
  • 1,911


  1. Roger L.
    Roger Lynn

    Same in Colorado today... leaning into the wind sort of day.

  2. Keith W.
    Keith Wipprecht

    Even though its been windy and cold out, it's great to be able to ride outside this time of year. Its so peaceful. Merry Christmas Ted.

  3. Alastair H.
    Alastair Hepworth

    same in the UK!!

  4. John E.
    john estcourt

    Turbo Sufferfest session. Blowing a gale here. West coast Scotland.

  5. Paul W.
    Paul Wren

    It's fine in Santa Barbara, don't know what you all are thinking...

  6. John D.
    John Dieli

    clear and cold in southern NH, seemed to get colder during my ride at mid day


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