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Rainy, festive 100 miler

  • 162.2km
  • 1,870m
  • 5:39:04
    Moving Time
  • 3,871
  • 165
    Suffer Score


  1. Andy P.
    Andy P.

    You're gonna slam this one Matt! :-D

  2. Jvn 0.
    JVN 01

    Let's face it, we all know that a rainy UK Festive 500 is worth a lot more Kudos than one elsewhere in the world :-)

  3. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    There can't be many places having worse weather than us?

  4. Vincent N.
    Vincent N

    What about Holland?

  5. Jvn 0.
    JVN 01

    ah yes but wales = rainy + hills, Holland = rainy + no hills!

  6. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    Thats the least amount of climbing I've ever done for a 100 miler around here. Most are >2000m.

  7. Vincent N.
    Vincent N

    True, we dont have alot of hills in my area. But we do have wind.