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easy cold ride Dec 29, 2012

  • 41.4mi
  • 2,277ft
  • 2:35:44
    Moving Time
  • 1,633


  1. Amy C.
    Amy C.

    Thanks for the company out there :)

  2. Jonathan F.
    Jonathan F.

    Kudos on going out there in this weather - what kind of tires are you riding on to combat slipping?

  3. Joe B.
    Joe Bachana

    No snow down there? Deep up here in the catskills, no ride today

  4. Will S.
    Will S.

    Continental Grand Prix 4000 for training and Michelin Pro 3 or 4's for racing!

  5. Jonathan F.
    Jonathan F.

    Excellent thanks!

  6. Efraim S.
    efraim shaw

    U got that ride in right before the snow, good timing Will!


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