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Ride Jan 4, 2013

  • 75.2km
  • 689m
  • 2:57:48
    Moving Time
  • 1,559


  1. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    Was bit scared of temps but kept warm enough. Max temp on srm was 2C "in" the sun.... Can't remember when I did this the last time. Should not be cold at classics anymore with this.

  2. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    Average temp was -1....feeling tough for a change ;)!

  3. Paolo S.
    Paolo S.

    Wow! I thought the Benelux countries and Germany were cold. What kind of shoe covers do you use?

  4. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    Thickest I got ;) neoprene

  5. Lew P.
    Lew Paquin

    I got some Lake winter cycling boots...put SPD pedals on my bike and never have cold feet riding all winter in New the teens and twenties farhrenheit. And no wrestling with shoecovers...

  6. Paolo S.
    Paolo S.

    Thanks Ina and Lew for the info.

  7. Harvey  K.
    Harvey Kramer

    total respect!! my bike is put away till it breaks 45 maybe 50


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