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Ride Rainy West Alpine w/Keith. Crash. BAD day for my Shorts.

  • 42.1mi
  • 2,507ft
  • 2:30:42
    Moving Time
  • 1,841


  1. Bill L.
    Bill Lloyd

    Ouch. Hope you're doing OK.

  2. Greg G.
    Greg Gretsch

    Nice pics!

  3. Kevin S.
    Kevin Susco

    It's never a good day for your shorts when you crash. Hope it's not too bad.

  4. Jamie M.
    Jamie M.

    A-OK. Minor bruises and road rash. I was reminded that one benefit to crashing on a slippery road is you slide across it quite nicely once down!

  5. Kevin S.
    Kevin Susco

    Good to hear. Yes, once you've decided to go down, slippery is good.

  6. Bill L.
    Bill Lloyd



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