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Ride Garmin HR monitor is crap.

  • 59.0mi
  • 7,802ft
  • 4:25:55
    Moving Time
  • 3,020
  • 214
    Suffer Score


  1. Zen T.
    Zen T.


  2. Craig L.
    Craig L.

    Almost as bad as Windows 8 (but not quite).

  3. Justin E.
    Justin English

    Ha! you didn't burn as much calories as I did. More beer for me!

  4. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    max hr 251 holly crap maybe i should go on Oprah....?

  5. Alex B.
    Alex Bamberger

    Tighten up the strap a bit and keep sweating into it! When it dries out on a descent it'll flap on your chest. If you really care you can get an electrode gel to put on the contacts.

  6. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    i give it go, but i'm a real sweaty guy. is it to tight when your head turns blue?

  7. Craig L.
    Craig L.

    That might be a 60 Hz power line added to your HR. Would 190 be reasonable for you?

  8. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    not yesterday i was never in the red....

  9. Alex B.
    Alex Bamberger

    That means it is almost tight enough. Crank it down a bit more and go for purple.

  10. Craig L.
    Craig L.

    Tired battery? Maybe you didn't pay the $200 Garmin monthly access fee (send it to Jason M. and we'll take care of it for you).

  11. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    worked better today, got her tight enough that my fatback-strap was leaking over the hr strap. Does this in-print go away?

  12. Peter L.
    Peter Louton

    well, my polar will do that at times, too, but usually only to 210 or so....and I sweat enormous amounts as well.


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