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Good morning on Shades mountain except power meter died towards the end - 02/01/2012 Birmingham, AL

  • 36.3mi
  • 3,984ft
  • 2:22:46
    Moving Time
  • 1,464


  1. Chad W.
    Chad Williamson

    was it just the battery that died?

  2. Michael G.
    Michael Gaston

    I hope so, i wont know till I change them this afternoon. I don't see any other reason it would have just stopped during the ride, it wasn't wet or anything.

  3. Chad W.
    Chad Williamson

    nothing is worse than having a power meter go dead during a ride!

  4. Michael G.
    Michael Gaston

    Except for maybe missing a turn and riding your bike straight into a ditch on old brook trail in the dark at 5am. O wait i did that today, it wasn't too bad. hahaha.

  5. Brian T.
    Brian Toone

    oh wow, yeah, old brook trail is hard to negotiate in broad daylight - let alone the dark!


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