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Ride Easy spin to PP after Sunny's hill training 01/20/2013

  • 21.2mi
  • 1,522ft
  • 1:28:07
    Moving Time
  • 838


  1. Bharat P.
    Bharat Patel

    Good job on reaching your weekly goal.

  2. Sang Y.
    Sang Y.

    Thanks Bharat!

  3. Laura S.
    Laura S.

    Nice. Enjoyed meeting Sunny, she's an impressive runner. Hope to see you both again soon!

  4. Sang Y.
    Sang Y.

    Thanks Laura. You did awesome job today!!!! Hope to see you soon too!

  5. Sunny Sun Duk K.
    Sunny Sun Duk K.

    Nice meeting you Laura =) hope to see you again soon. Really cool athletes you guys!


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