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Another snow packed ride

  • 36.1km
  • 673m
  • 2:38:25
    Moving Time
  • 1,119
  • 69
    Suffer Score


  1. Nathaniel P.
    Nathaniel Peek

    Hot Hot Hot here mate, Stromlo, Kowen, Sparrow, Bruce are all bone dry but very fast at the moment. Hope we get to see you back in Canberra soon mate ;-)

  2. Matt P.
    Matt Page

    I'm enjoying the snow, although seeing the KM's Jase and Ed are clocking up is a little shocking. Looking forward to getting back to Canberra and ripping down Skyline! :)

  3. Nathaniel P.
    Nathaniel Peek

    Yep the boys are on it big time this year. Skyline has just be upgraded, check it out


  • Cennydd R.