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Ride 02/03/12 Camp Lynda Day 1, UT

  • 41.8mi
  • 4,976ft
  • 3:50:20
    Moving Time
  • 84
    Suffer Score


  1. Lord R.
    Lord Russell

    Looks like a GREAT ride! Wish I was able to get my Camp on. How did you like that route? I've never done that loop, besides all the Church Rocks, Prospector stuff.

  2. Erica T.
    Erica Tingey

    It was great! The Ice House descent is amazing-a must do when you get a chance. It's dirt road between Church Rocks and Ice House, but really pretty still. Lots of climbing!

  3. Lord R.
    Lord Russell

    Oh wait, I have done ice house... Years ago when I was riding big 6 inch + travel bikes. Haha. That is a rad descent. I didn't recognize it on the topo.


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